Change of subversion server location and acces protocol between commits. Let’s you had your subversion at svn+ssh://server/project (call it first) and it was moved to http://server01/svn/project (call it second). And what is more important you have made some uncommited changes made to the version checked out from the first location.

Manual solution

  1. Clear .svn folders from version checked out of svn+ssh://server/project:
    FOR /r \"%1\" %%f IN (.svn) DO RD /s /q \"%%f\" \"

  2. Check out project from http://server01/svn/project
  3. Copy and overwrite files in 2. with 1.
  4. It’s clearly burdersome and prone to errors


With TortoiseMigrate you just right click on a folder and the application takes care for the rest.

A word of caution: TortoiseMigrate plays with entries files this might be dangerous and you use it on your own risk.


Anyway it was just a fun project