[EN]Prism.WindsorExtensions – Use Castle.Windsor with Prism

I?ve been using Prism for quite a while now, but for me it had one serious flaw ? it uses Unity by default and Castle.Windsor is my dependency injection container of choice. After looking around the internet i couldn?t find anything that was usable, so I decided to write my own prism extension. It?s on github here.

What you?ll find in the source: WindsorBootstrapper ? a DefaultBootstrapper implementation which uses Windsor as the DI container. It?s ported from UnityBootstrapper so it?s not really written in a Windsory way(installers etc).

There is also a  silverlight project. In addition, it also contains a Windsor implementation of ServiceLocatorImplBase from Microsoft.Practices.ServiceLocation. The CommonServiceLocator.WindsorAdapter nuget package( which I used  for desktop version) unfortunately doesn?t contain a silverlight assembly so I had to add my own.

Build script also generates a nuget package so it?s fairly easy to add it to your own project.

Should you find any issues please add them on github issue tracker.


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