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Nokia 6230 & mms to b2evolution

Today I set up mobloging with my Nokia 6230. Below you will find a short howto.

Under Menu > Messages > Message Settings > Multimedia msgs. > Connection settings > Active multimedia settings > choose one of the (empty). Next go to Edit active multimedia settings.

Change Settings' name to moblog (for example).

The next step is VERY important, go to Homepage a and type the exact url of your mms.php, for example http://hostabc/mms.php. You have to add some parameters to it to allow login these parameters are login, pass and category id to which new posts should be added. Complete Homepage entry could look like this: http://hostabc/mms.php?login=admin&pass=god&cat=1.

That’s it !!!

Now all you have to do is send an mms using either Send to number or Send to email. The number and email are not important, for example you could just type 1.